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Official Salary and Remuneration Criteria Transparency Report is now available for access

March 21st, 2024

On March 21, 2024, the Ministry of Labor and Employment (“MTE”) published the official version of the “Salary and Remuneration Criteria Transparency Report” on “Emprega Brasil” web portal.

As previously announced by the MTE, companies must publish the report on their websites and social networks by the end of March 2024, when the report will also be made available for the general public on the MTE’s website.

It is worth highlighting that the obligation to publish the report creates controversy, including from the perspective of competition rules violation. This was provided for in Technical Note No. 3/2024/DEE/CADE, which has been published recently in the press, and several proceedings have already been filed challenging the need to publish such report.

Demarest’s Labor and Employment team is available to provide any further information and assistance that may be necessary.