The Third Sector is a vital segment of society, working tirelessly in support of social causes that encompass education, health, the environment and many more. Against this backdrop, entities that make up this segment find in Demarest a partner of excellence, with the expertise of an internationally-recognized law firm.

Non-profit organizations can trust in highly qualified and committed teams in numerous areas of law.

How we can contribute:

  • Drafting and revision of documents necessary for the company’s operation: Demarest assists in the drafting and refinement of key documents, such as bylaws, internal regiments and equity fund regulations.
  • Specialized tax advice: we are specialists in complex tax requirements, especially those involving the Third Sector. This includes matters relating to incorporation, termination, donations, remuneration of directors, exemptions and immunities.
  • Labor matters: Demarest provides assistance with complaints and other labor-related issues.
  • Intellectual property: we advise on matters involving Intellectual Property, ensuring that third-sector organizations protect their intangible assets.
  • Assistance to third-sector institutions in obtaining certifications from the competent bodies, such as the Certification of a Charitable Social Assistance Entity (“CEBAS”) or the Certificate of Immunity for Service Income Tax (“ISS”) purposes.

We have a broad portfolio of third-sector clients from a wide range of segments. Count on our know-how to continue working towards the transformation of our society.

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