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CNJ announces that companies must register for the Electronic Judicial Domicile by May 30, 2024

February 22nd, 2024

Justice Luis Roberto Barroso, president of the Federal Supreme Court (“STF”) and the CNJ, announced that medium and large companies must voluntarily register with the Electronic Judicial Domicile on February 20, 2024, during the opening ceremony of the CNJ’s judiciary year.

This decision is part of the Justice 4.0 Program, which seeks to speed up the Brazilian judicial system and ensure that it is more accessible to society through the massive use of technology, including artificial intelligence.

According to the announcement, medium and large companies have until May 30, 2024, to voluntarily register their Electronic Judicial Domicile. Once this deadline has expired, registration will be compulsory, and companies will be subject to penalties and procedural risks.

This registry is intended to ensure that notices and summonses are addressed directly to companies, through the Electronic Judicial Domicile registered in the CNJ system. Thus, the courts will now adopt an exclusively electronic notification system, as established in article 246 of the Brazilian Code of Civil Procedure and regulated by CNJ Resolution 455/2022.

In addition to procedural damage for the company, such as a missed deadline, failure to provide information in accordance with the provisions mentioned above could also result in a fine, since failure to confirm receipt of an electronic notification could be considered an act against the dignity of justice, incurring a fine of up to 5% of the amount involved in the case.

Demarest’s Labor team is available to provide any further clarifications that may be necessary.