Our clients can rely on leading legal professionals on the matter.

The environment of private equity and venture capital demands agility and intelligence, so transactions can be conducted quickly and their stages, from the investment management (IMG) until the IPO, must be structured and implemented with the purpose to maximizing the investments profitability. At these times, counting on a law firm that helps you not only in legal matters, but that is a strategic ally with expertise in several areas of the Law, makes all the difference to your business, concerning private equity and venture capital matters.

Demarest has been involved in the most important and awarded transactions in the Brazilian and international markets over the years, including the two largest and most profitable IPO private equity transactions in the last decade.

Due to our vast experience in advising prestigious companies and financial institutions, we are capable of developing creative solutions on private equity for complex transactions of mergers and acquisitions, opening and closing of capital and joint ventures, as well as during all the investment management stages.

Our excellent results are recognized by some of the most prestigious international legal entities.

We provide assistance for our clients during all the stages of investment, including:

  • Formation of funds and structuring of transactions with sound practices in the corporate, capital markets and tax areas;
  • Due Diligence services provided by a strong team, providing an unique experience for all market sectors, including highly regulated segments;
  • Negotiation and investment considering an important background and sophisticated resources on the M&A area, as a result of a wide range of business transactions and settlement of agreements;
  • Post-transaction value creation, during the investment management stage, with structuring of corporate governance and structuring programs, stock options plans and other long-term incentives;
  • Exit strategies with technical and analytical skills in public and private securities offerings, as well as secondary sales transactions between private equity players.